Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back to School Safety

As we head back into the school year, and prepare our kids for the changes that returning to school in a new grade brings, it is easy to overlook safety in the hustle and bustle of school supplies and paperwork.

Every year, your child will have different social, personal, and academic needs and concerns.  Some of these will require an updating of your families safety plan.

Is your child active and on-the-go?  Do you live in a neighborhood where your child's friends are within easy walking distance?   Does your child roam the neighborhood, or spend hours pouring over books at the library? 

No one safety plan is right for every child, or every family.

Fortunately, NCMEC can help with a few lists of suggestions. Take a minute to review them, and then talk to your child to work out a plan that you can all live with and follow.

Back to SChool Safety Tips
Cybersafety an cyberbullying
Home Alone Safety

And, as always, if you would like to bring Missing Children Minnesota to your school, daycare, church group, community group or youth group, contact us and we can discuss our various safety education programs and help you decide which ones will be beneficial for your group.

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