Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A more complete approach to personal safety for children.

When you ask people about abduction and bullying prevention for children, too many people think of physical self-defense skills first and foremost.

These skills can be useful in a small number of cases, but in most cases, the most critical skills are social, problem solving, anger management, and communication skills.

People who are going to hurt our kids most often try to manipulate our children into participating in their own harm, because they know that the more participation they can get from the child, the less likely they are to be exposed, arrested, and held accountable.  Recognizing this manipulation, understanding what is appropriate and inappropriate, and knowing what to do when someone tries to manipulate them are all crucial skills for our kids to learn.

Bullying is a social problem, and a complex one at that. There is often not a clear line between the bully and the bullied, and the people involved will sometimes change roles.  We can teach kids to recognize bullying when they see it in the behavior of both others and themselves, and make choices that will reduce bullying and harm for everyone.

Education programs from Missing Children Minnesota give kids, parents, teachers, and community leaders a firm foundation to develop abduction and bullying resistance skills in children.

You can contact us for information about our programs at:

(612) 334-9449

We would love to help you bring our programs to children, parents, teachers, and community leaders in your neighborhood.

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