Saturday, May 31, 2014

Amy Sue Pagnac's Mother and Sister speak with the press

Today, Susan Pagnac Sr. and Susan Pagnac Jr met with the press to talk about the search of Amy's childhood home, where Susan Pagnac Sr. and Amy's father, Marshall Midden, still live.

They spoke a little about the state of the house after the search, which is a mess and in significant disarray. They insist that the house was left in the best condition possible, under the circumstances.  The inconvenience, and the mess is all worth it if they find Amy.

They pointed out that the people working this case are different people than those investigating in the past, and that these new investigators might benefit from hearing any information first hand.

They are asking the public to share any information they have with police, whether or not they have already shared what they know.

Also, they urge members of the public to go to the BCA Clearinghouse web page and view the poster with an age-progressed photo showing what she might look like at age 33 (she is 38 now).

Somebody knows what happened to Amy Sue Pagnac. If you know something, please contact the Maple Grove Police Department, the Center for Missing and Exploited Children, or the Minnesota BCA Missing Person's Clearinghouse with any information you have.  Every lead is valuable, no matter how small.

This family is very strong in their support for one another, and their support for Amy. Please help by looking at the poster, and sharing what you know.

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